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The hospital endured around 8 deaths per week, however most of the other hospitals in Salonika were reporting huge causalities.

In August the fighting began as the Serbian and French began pushing the Bulgarians back.

From January 1915 to March 1919 the Abbey was turned into a voluntary hospital, Hôpital Auxiliaire 301, operated by Scottish Women’s Hospitals(SWH), under the direction of the French Red Cross.

On arrival the staff found that the buildings were in a deplorable condition.

War had broken the tranquil and peaceful ambiance of the 13th century cistercian abbey.Tia is bland , Nick is bland , and the only one with a little flavor is John and its not that much .I felt had they changed Tia out with the actress who played her best friend it might have been a little better . Agnes joined the Scottish Women’s Hospitals as Doctor and Bacteriologist.Agnes worked at Royaumont Abbey 30 miles outside Paris.

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The work load for the hospital was just unbearable, with most of the staff dragging themselves from day to day.