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Studies indicate that teens and young adults ages 18 to 24 look for, and watch porn more often than any other age group.Young women are being groomed for a passive role of an object with a sole purpose of looking good.Mostly because it allows users to send picture messages that disappear after a brief, user-defined period of time.The awareness that their Snapchat nudes will perish is enticing more and more teens to go for naked Snapchat exchange, and practically encourages teens to behave in a manner they might regret later.Three years later, studies reported that 28% of teens has engaged in an nude photo or video exchange.Studies in recent years also report that teen sexting is on the rise.In the age we live in, many mainstream media are proliferating the sexual inhibition of girls.

Teens are exploring the world they found themselves in.A well heard of example of nude Snapchat between teens is a case of a 21 year old boy and a 19 year old girl who were exchanging Snaps on regular bases.At first non sexual content, just having fun and talking.However, after a while, the girl was sending photos of her wearing just her underwear and finally topless Spans.The boy took a screenshot of every photo and saved them on his memory card.


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